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Access to the affected area to learn more about your injury

3D Technology 3D Technology

3D Technology

3D printing is a group of additive fabrication technologies where a three-dimensional object is created via the superposition of successive layers of material. At the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit, the power of software is combined with the versatility of 3D printing to achieve better personalised treatment for each patient.

This technology is used in three main areas which are: diagnostics, surgical planning, and research, with a view to provide the best personalised treatment for the patient. To this end, the injury or pathology of the patient is reconstructed and printed from a CT scan. As such, using powerful software, all of the potential strategies for the correction of the defect can be simulated prior to surgery and new surgical techniques put into practice to obtain optimal results in every case.

The benefits are enormous, since it allows a more precise diagnosis to be made, which in turn reduces the time and risks involved in surgery. Thanks to 3D technology, we have managed to obtain fully personalised surgical methods, plan different strategies for surgery, carry out complex operations in a simpler way and help the patient understand. The end users of this groundbreaking system will be the ones who assess and advise the patient regarding the appropriateness of this innovative technique prior to treatment planning.