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Hip Unit

The Arthroscopic Surgery Unit has a Rheumatology and Arthrosis Unit comprising a multi-discipline team of specialists in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and arthrosis.

Hip pathologies are not only suffered by the elderly. It is becoming increasingly common to see young people with hip pain as a result mainly of playing sports. Among elderly patients the most common injury is hip arthrosis (osteoarthritis).

The Arthrosis Unit has a Hip Unit offering conservative non-surgical treatment through rehabilitation and education programmes involving controlled exercise. The aim is to offer the patient the opportunity to improve the mechanical operation of the joint and bring alleviation from the hip pain. The UCA team and the physiotherapists of the  Advanced Physiotherapy Unit facilitate exercises to strengthen the hip in order to keep it firm and this way provide additional protection to the joint.

Furthermore, in the Hip Unit there is a team of  specialists in hip surgery assisted by nurses and physiotherapists responsible for the treatment and integral care of the surgical patient.