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Help us to improve


Access to the affected area to learn more about your injury

Help us to improve

Help us to improve

In order to keep on improving treatments, the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit uses information protocols to gather the opinions of patients. The information requested in the various opinion surveys in which they participate helps the team to maintain a level of professional feedback that allows them to keep advancing.

The Arthroscopic Surgery Unit requests 15-20 minutes of your time to fill out several questionnaires that will form part of our clinical archives, for the objective evaluation of clinical improvement and the usefulness of our therapies.

Your collaboration will allow us to keep improving, not only in terms of personal treatment, but also in the search for and implementation of new therapies, applications and protocols for administration.

The team directed by Dr. Mikel Sánchez at the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit thanks you in advance for your help and trust, and are at your complete disposal to resolve any query or circumstance related to your pathology.