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PRGF injections

PRGF injections

PRGF injections

Therapy rich in platelets provides proteins called growth factors which aid tissue regeneration. These growth factors are found in our blood platelets, and that is why extraction is necessary. The exact quantity extracted varies from treatment to treatment. This blood is centrifuged to obtain the PRGF®-Endoret® plasma rich in growth factors, which is the product to be injected for the various pathologies.

In general, the treatment is consists of three injections, at weekly intervals. Depending on the type of pathology and the patient, this protocol may vary.

What should I have in mind BEFORE receiving the treatment?

The days you come to receive an injection, you must follow a FAT-FREE diet 6 hours prior to the blood extraction, meaning you can consume the following during this time: liquids like water, tea without sugar, natural juices, coffee without sugar, and up to two units of skimmed milk and fruit.

The ingestion of food prior to these 6 hours should be low in fats.

What should I have in mind AFTER treatment?

- Relative rest for 24 hours following the injection.

- You can apply ice locally on the area that has been injected for 10-15 minutes, 3-4 times a day.

- If you are experiencing pain, you can take standard analgesics like paracetamol or nolotil. Nonetheless, you cannot take aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication or ibuprofen.

- After 34 hours have passed, you will be able to go back to normal life.

- Doing recommended exercises at the pace and intensity advised by the doctor.