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The elbow is made up of three joints:  the Humeroradial joint, the Humeroulnar joint, and the Superior radioulnar joint. The first joint is the area between the humeral head and the joint face of the head of the radius. The second joint is located between the trochlea of the humerus and the trochlea notch of the ulna and the third joint is the area between the head of the radius and the radial notch of the cubitus and the annular ligament.

The elbow is enclosed by a fibrous capsule. The ulnar collateral ligament and the radial collateral ligament are on either side. The synovial membrane of the elbow joint runs from the neck of the radius and the superior radioulnar joint and connects with the olecranon, coronoid and radial fossae and the internal area of the troclea. The joint between the radius and the ulna is split in two by a fold or plica in this synovial membrane. There are several fat pads between the synovial membrane and the fibrous capsule.

The Arthroscopic Surgery Unit has a team of specialist surgeons to attend to patients with articular (joint) and periarticular problems. It also has a team of nurses and physiotherapists responsible for reducing recovery times which monitors and supervises patients at all times.

The UCA is a pioneer in the biological treatment of arthrosis injuries using plasma rich in growth factors.