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Miren Sánchez


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Miren Sánchez Miren Sánchez Miren Sánchez

Miren Sánchez

Miren Sánchez is the head of the nursing team at both the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit (UCA) and the Biological Therapy Unit (UTB). Miren has been working as Doctor Mikel Sánchez's surgical technologist since 1989 and is highly skilled in all aspects of surgical instrumentation. She is highly experienced in arthroscopic and trauma surgery and has a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of biological therapy. She has strong time management skills and has belonged to the Johnson & Johnson Panel on Nurses since 2004.

Recently she has taken part in over fifteen papers and speeches delivered to congresses. She has played a decisive part in developing PRGF®-Endoret® in both basic and clinical research and has taken part in different internationally relevant clinical trials. Her training is ongoing and she has been following several courses and participating as trainer in, among others, different training courses on the PRGF®-Endoret® technique.