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Biological Therapy Unit

Biological Therapy Unit Biological Therapy Unit

Biological Therapy Unit

The Biological Therapy Unit is the part of the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit where biological treatments are applied, mainly using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) a biomedical technology which carries out treatments to repair and regenerate injured tissue.

The principal mission of the Biological Therapy Unit is to find effective solutions for patient problems and to improve patient life quality.
Using minimally-invasive biological techniques and approaches which are guided by imaging technology, injuries to joints, bones, tendons, muscles and other tissue can be treated.

In this unit, on an outpatient basis, all the therapeutic activities and processes involving the use of plasma rich in growth factors are carried out and the unit contains the following spaces:

  • Blood collection room.
  • Laboratory to produce Plasma Rich in Growth Factors.
  • Exam rooms equipped with stretchers, portable ultrasound scanners and fluoroscopes to be used in specific applications for plasma rich in growth factors.

All these spaces are treated as authentic operating theatres in terms of hygiene, disinfection, healthcare controls and personal attire in order to constantly minimize any risk of infection.