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Orlando Pompei

Orlando Pompei Orlando Pompei

Orlando Pompei

He commenced his studies in medicine at the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas (1999-2005) where he graduated in Medicine and Surgery. He later relocated to Spain where he specialised in Rheumatology at the "Marqués de Valdecilla" University Hospital in Santander (2007-2011); and he completed his training in the United Kingdom, at the "Lupus Research Unit" (The Rayne Institute), Hospital St. Thomas, London (2011-2012).

In 2012 he joined the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit (UCA) and Doctor Mikel Sánchez’s Biological Therapy Unit as rheumatologist and coordinator at the Arthrosis Unit. He also collaborates in research projects on rheumatic diseases.

Throughout his career he has been a member of different scientific groups related to systemic rheumatic diseases which has led to his participation in different scientific meetings mainly at the Spanish Rheumatology Society and the US "American College of Rheumatology".