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Beatriz Aizpurua


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Beatriz Aizpurua Beatriz Aizpurua Beatriz Aizpurua

Beatriz Aizpurua

Born in Bilbao, she graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Basque Country (1992). After having specialized in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery at the Dexeus University Institute in Barcelona (1993-1998), she moved to Vitoria where she joined Dr. Mikel Sánchez's team at USP Hospital, specialising in the treatment of tendon injuries using extra-corporeal shock waves. She also takes part in the research and development of many PRP applications in the musculoskeletal system. Since 2004, she has been part of the first Biological Therapy Unit (UTB) founded by Dr. Mikel Sánchez. In addition, she has also participated as a researcher in different funded projects on the development of PRP technology in treating chondropathy and arthrosis. She is co-author of a number of clinical articles in national and international journals and is also a member of different Medical Societies and Academies.