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How to start running? Take care of your knees

Mikel Sánchez, is the medical and scientific director of the Arthroscopic Surgery Unit situated in the Vithas San José Hospital in Vitoria, and he is known among many other things for treating Rafa Nadal´s knees who is one of the best athletes in the spanish history. Sánchez visits SER Runner to give some medical advice to start with a running routine. Stresses that "the body has to adapt" and recalls that "humans has changed his way of life over the past 100 years", transforming our body eating in a "not very healthy way” and not doing exercise "without having mutated". Summarizes: "We are the same animals that we were 100 years ago," and our bodies are the same.

'The Wizard of knees' has perceived the "runner effect" in his medical appointment with more runners coming from overcrowded running races like the Behobia -San Sebastián. The doctor always recommends to start slowly, and in case of being overweight going to a nutritionist and lose fat before starting doing exercise. Also, remember that "the first injuries begin in the foot, follows in knee, in hip and finishes in back".